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Ag Capital Advisors (ACA) provides owners of agricultural real estate, including farmers and investors, flexible capital solutions. ACA collaborates with a referral network of bank and non-bank lenders to assist borrowers in identifying the best options for financing their farmland including Conventional Financing and Structured Capital Solutions.

ACA understands agriculture and the intricacies of owning and operating farmland. Its team members have up to 30 years of experience in agricultural financing as well as farmland investment and management.

Financial Solutions

Conventional Financings

ACA helps farmland owners obtain conventional senior secured agriculture loans for farmland that fit each borrower’s needs at competitive interest rates with maturities of up to 30-years, fixed or variable interest rates, amortization structures up to 30-years, and amounts up to 80% of appraised value. Loans can be for making new farmland purchases or for refinancing existing debt. ACA sources attractive financing solutions and assists borrowers with loan application and closing.

Structured Capital Solutions

ACA offers structured capital solutions for farmland owners and operators who have more complicated capital needs, including debt restructurings, business transitions, and growth capital. These structured solutions include sale-leasebacks with purchase options, bridge financings, and mezzanine capital.

Bank Loan Transitions

For ag lenders faced with non-performing loans, ACA offers structured capital solutions that can resolve troubled loans for both lender and borrower.

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