Where is Ag Capital Advisors Located and where do we make loans?

Ag Capital Advisors is located in Champaign Illinois.  We are a national brand and can loan across all 50 states.

What kind of loans does Ag Capital Advisors specialize in?

  • Production Land
  • Pasture and Ranch Land
  • Recreational Land
  • Restructure
  • Lines of Credit secured by land – 5 & 10 year interest only products available
  • Purchase and Refinance Loans

What type of interest rates do you offer?

We offer variable and fixed rate financing ranging from 18 months to 30 years in length.   

Why should I choose Ag Capital Advisors for my loan?

Our team members were born and raised on Iowa and Illinois Farms and we have a true passion for agriculture.    We will work hard to find the best rates, structure and solutions for our clients and their families.    We have access to multiple lenders with industry leading rates…why shop numerous lenders when you can make 1 stop and let us find the best product for you??

How do I get the loan process started and what information will you need?

Call David Spurgeon at (515) 577-2939 or e-mail at   We need a current financial statement within 60 days of age and the last 3 years of full tax returns to begin the process.